“Taste the grain.
Whiskey the way it used to be...
Whiskey the way it´s supposed to be”

— D. Waters, Florida Farm Distillers

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Palm Ridge whiskies are available online for out of state shipping.  Not available in all states.  PLEASE GO TO LINK BELOW TO PURCHASE OUT OF STATE.  CHEERS!








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"Fall  2016"


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FYI - We will be offering bottles from a single barrel bottling at our October 15th "open house". See details under our "Events" page.  


Change is good.  A great way to look at it because most change is not of our own choosing.  Earlier this year we were notified, that because we could not purchase enough of them, our bottles would no longer be available to us.  We've been marketing our whiskies in these bottles for almost 7 years now, and you might imagine, we have been very distressed by this.  At any rate we will be using a new bottle.  Depending upon depletion they should be in the market sometime in September or October.  We used black T-caps on our final bottling to indicate the last of our old bottle design.  We don't know which retailers will receive them.  PLEASE KNOW THAT WHILE OUR BOTTLE IS CHANGING, THE WHISKEY INSIDE NEVER WILL!!


Fall is approaching and we will be resuming our "open houses" on October 1st. Please check the "Events" section of our website for open house dates.  We will also post it on our FB page. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.


We've been getting calls and emails from people trying to locate Palm Ridge whiskies.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Sorry, again for any inconvenience and please contact us @ 352-455-7232 for help in finding a location near you that carries Palm Ridge.


Great start to 2016...wanted to thank everyone for supporting and helping to spread the word about our award winning, locally produced Florida whiskies! Just the two of us here at the distillery, making whiskey and bottling.  No other employees...distillery dogs & cat not much help, but they do like to supervise.


We were pleased to be included in Jim Murray's 2015 Whiskey Bible.  We scored a 94.5 (on his score chart: 94-97.5 "Superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live"  Proud of our whiskey!


Here's the review from Jim Murray.



 Palm Ridge Reserve Handmade Micro Batch Florida Whiskey orange and oak wood. Less than 1 year Old, Batch 29 (94.5)n23 big rye signature to the nose: fruity, light and easy on the corn oils.  Some hints of marzipan, trimmed apple and very old marmalade: aggressive tannin; t24  I doubt I will experience a more gentle landing on the palate for any US whiskey this year. Just enough  oil to absorb the impact of the small grains and again, the ryes run riot ensuring a juicy, spicy theme throughout.  A little Parma Violet candy represents an earthiness which balances the complex, non-specific fruit doing the rounds; f23.5 no great age to this guy (and I wrote that before I spotted the admitted maturation!), but the way the ulmo, manuka and orange-blossom honeys combine, depth is maintained; b24 I can see why everyone heads to Florida in the winter: obviously to try and grab one of the meager 6,000 bottles of this on offer each year.  This is beautifully crafted, truly adorable whiskey where fruit appears to constantly have its hand on the tiller. And rather than blast in like a Hurricane from the sea, it breezes gently around the glass and palate with an easy elegance.  I have relatives in Florida: about time I gave them another visit...45% (90 proof)



The Florida Legislature passed a law in 2015 allowing craft distilleries to do tours and sell  bottles per person per year on site.  We got county approval to do tours. We have "Open Houses" 2 to 3 times a month.  Check our "Events" section for dates and time.  Hope you'll come and see the process.  We always distill on "open house" day...you can watch fresh whiskey coming off the still. We also post the upcoming dates on our Facebook page & on twitter.


 Palm Ridge Virgin, our unaged whiskey is now available throughout Florida.  Palm Ridge Virgin is a whiskey created with respect for the great whiskey making traditions of the Old South.  This is our award winning Palm Ridge Reserve before transition that comes from charred barrel aging.  Here is all the taste of the grain, just as it comes off the still, with an exceptional smoothness unexpected in fresh whiskey.  It is gently touched by oak and bottled at 100 Proof. Palm Ridge Virgin won a bronze medal in August at The Washington Cup competition.


Proud to announce the release of our Palm Ridge Rye.  Palm Ridge Rye captures the reason for the return to popularity of old fashioned rye whiskey.  This is the essence of rye grain, very smooth with all the wonderful spiciness and deep finish you expect from a great rye whiskey. Distilled in micro batches, the slow old fashioned way, in a copper 60 gallon reflux column still. This 100 proof rye whiskey is handmade, distilled & bottled here on the farm in Umatilla,FL. Our Palm Ridge Rye won a Silver Medal at the 2016 ACSA Spirits Competition in Chicago, IL, won Best in Category-Silver Medal at the 2015 ADI Spirits Competition in Kentucky.  Our Palm Ridge Reserve won a Silver Medal at the 2016 ACSA Spirits Competition in Chicago, IL, won a Silver Medal at the 2015 ACSA Spirits Competition in Texas.  Palm Ridge Reserve and Palm Ridge Rye won Bronze Medals at the 2015 Washington Cup Competition in Kansas.



We are also available in Missouri & the Nashville area.


As usual we want to thank all our fans, retailers, restaurants, resorts & local bars that continue to support Florida whiskies ...it is much appreciated!!!


Please keep telling your friends & family about Florida whiskies.  If your favorite retailer or restaurant doesn't carry PRR, tell them we'll be happy to put them in touch with a rep from RNDC in their area.


 If you have any questions about Palm Ridge Reserve don't hesitate  to contact us at  whiskey@palmridgereserve.com. 352-455-7232.  We always enjoy hearing from everyone.   Please "Like" us on facebook Palm Ridge Reserve,  follow us on twitter @handmadewhiskey and Instagram #palmridge.


 Cheers, Dick & Marti








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